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Creating Successful Clients!

CDS is a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in mutli-purpose IT solutions. Whether you need computer hardware, software, communications systems, email solutions, or onsite service, we can meet your needs.

CDSCorp has over a decade of experience in providing its customers with the latest in information technology solutions. We are located in Columbia, South Carolina and we currently have clients located all over the Southeast. As the field of information technology continues to expand at ever increasing rates, it is becoming more difficult to ensure that your office systems, networks, and communications capabilities are up to date. The computer, network, wiring and communication solutions that we design use only the latest and most effective products on the market, ensuring you top value for your dollar. We are one of the Midland's premier IT solution providers, let us put our experience & expertise to work for you!

With pricing to suit any budget and any business need, let CDS demonstrate how easy and effective our IT Services can be.  As we say "IT is OUR Passion!"

Services We Offer

Case Study

A startup law firm with 2 attorneys required phones in their new location. They spend much of their time outside their office on the road, so getting messages to them was always difficult for their staff.  They also required the ability to check  their email while out of the office. 

Using our solutions, CDSCorp provided them a solution that allows their Phones to work anywhere they find an internet connection, Voice transfers to their cell phone, email using Outlook 2007 and sync'd continuously to their mobile phones, and data security using our Backup Service. 

The phone solution saved 2500.00 in initial purchase price plus over 150.00 month in local services.

They can always get connected with their clients, whether they are in the office, across town or in New York City!  That is success!

The advantages to a typical business are enormous:

  1. No capital investment in server hardware
  2. Centralized management
  3. Local tech support.
  4. Easy installation and setup.
  5. Only an Internet connection is required, eliminating the need for expensive computer servers.
  6. And most important:  A friendly tech rep to help you with any problems you and your staff may experience!

Microsoft Partner

We don't need no stinkin' backup!

In today's world we depend more and more on our ability to share information. But most small business' find it overwhelming to compete or manage their systems.

We have years of experience and a true vision to inexpensively maintain your PC based systems. 

Easy. Effective. Inexpensive.
IT is OUR Passion!

Some advantages:

  • Even if you are only a 1 man shop, we can supply you with Exchange 2007 services, starting at $20 / mn
  • MSA programs available for as little as $25 / mn.
  • Voice over IP.  We can setup a small firm for a fraction of the expense of a contemporary digital product, and the monthly services can be half of Bell South.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations is a business initiative started by CDSCorp to enable companies to seamlessly integrate existing and emerging technology into their business model. Business enabling technologies can be capital intensive,  therefore proper investment in the correct technologies can propel a business forward, bringing quick Return On Investment, or ROI.

When you see the seal above, it is our pledge to you that the technology we apply to your business will fulfill this goal, creating “better business through intelligent operations.”